Mieke Blits

Currently, Mieke works in small series, mostly hand formed objects and one of a kind. She makes powerful and simple shapes. She likes to play with shapes and techniques until she finds the right balance. This balance and play with shapes and techniques gives her work a certain tension and dynamic. Furthermore, the use of color and color combination is very important in her work. She tries to use powerful colors that accentuate the unassuming shapes she creates.

Mieke Blits is also a specialist in the architectonic design of vases, which stems from her desire to create functional art, as well as the challenge to combine her specific shapes and techniques into the creation of it. In her design and collections of vases, for example, the vase is her canvas, structure and aid, accentuated by her master-mixology of colors, while maintaining an architect’s precision in function and form – a Blits trademark.