Mieke Blits

Ceramic artist since 1990

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“I make powerful and simple shapes. I like to play with shapes and techniques to finally find the right balance. This gives my work a certain tension and dynamic.” – M. Blits


Mieke Blits graduated from the Ceramics Department of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, where she started The Steengoed Collective with five other ceramists, ‘steengoed’ being a Dutch homophone meaning both ‘stoneware’ and ‘very good’. The collective’s studio and shop were located in the historic center of Amsterdam, at Singel 386. The collective was both a success and inspiration, collectively and individually, as ideas were stimulated, equipment and environment shared, and many expositions held. Blits worked for the Steengoed Collective from 1971 until 1984, a period in which she also studied at the San Francisco Art Institute in 1978.
In 1974, Mieke Blits was awarded a one-year scholarship at the Ceramic Workcenter in Heusden, the Netherlands (now the E.K.W.C., Den Bosch, the Netherlands). This award allowed her to work independently on her development as a ceramic artist. Additionally, in 1981, Blits was granted a travel bursary from the Dutch government to study Japanese ceramics. Over the course of a year, she successfully participated in workshops and completed several Japanese apprenticeships. This work and study experience abroad greatly expanded her artistic and cultural horizons, which Blits continues to pursue today in her love of world travel and continuous search for artistic inspiration and education.

In addition to her work as an independent ceramics artist, Mieke Blits is also an arts educator. Over a long period of time, she was a part-time teacher at several art schools and in secondary education. As a dedicated artist and teacher, she enjoyed the experience of both sharing and gaining information in the classroom, while also having the time to work independently in her own studio. Blits continues to work and create in the same West Amsterdam space, a studio she acquired in 1984, located on Tasmanstraat 15—a large, beautiful, old school building and historic monument, close to where she lives and finds creative stimuli today.

Currently, Mieke Blits works in small series, mostly hand-formed objects and one of a kind. She makes powerful and simple shapes. She likes to play with shapes and techniques until she finds the right balance. This balance and play with shapes and techniques give her work a certain tension and dynamic. Furthermore, the use of colour and colour combination is very important in her work. She tries to use powerful colours that accentuate the unassuming shapes she creates.

Mieke Blits is also a specialist in the architectonic design of vases, which stems from her desire to create functional art, as well as the challenge to combine her specific shapes and techniques into the creation of it. In her design and collections of vases, for example, the vase is her canvas, structure and aid, accentuated by her master-mixology of colours, while maintaining an architect’s precision in function and form – a Blits’ trademark.







Gerrit Rietveld Academy Amsterdam

Ceramic Design Department

Final Examination: Monumental Objects specialist

First Grade Teacher in Ceramics and Plastic Arts

San Francisco Art Institute






One Year Ceramic Workcenter Heusden (Governmental Scholarship)

Study trip to Japan (Governmental Scholarship)

Working Scholarship “Fund for the Art, Design and Architecture”










Co-founder Of And Working At “Steengoed” Amsterdam

(A Group of Ceramic Designers)

Co-founder Of And Working At “K.I.K.S.” Amsterdam

(A Corporation that Stimulates the Making of Art)

Own gallery in Amsterdam “Blits & Co”

Own studio in Amsterdam “Mieke Blits”

Nominated For The Ava Ceramic Award 1997








Teaching Ceramics at the Academy of Design Amersfoort

Teaching Ceramics at the Highschool for the Arts A’dam

Teaching Ceramics and Crafts at Highschools





Design of II Worldwar Memorial in the former Jewish Quarter in Amsterdam

(Inaugurated by the Mayor of the City 4th of May)

Design and Realisation of the Awards for “Cine Kid”


Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Groninger Museum

Centraal Museum Utrecht

Princessenhof Leeuwarden

Stedelijk Museum Schiedam

Design Museum Gent

Governmental Collection

Collection of the Province of Zuid-holland

Collection of the City of Amsterdam

Private collections


Nederlandse Keramiek (Dutch Ceramics 1975-1985)

By Mieke Spruit-Ledenboer)

The New Ceramics Trends And Traditions By Peter Dormer 1986

Ceramics In Het Stedelijk – Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Van Klei Tot Keramiek (From Clay To Ceramics) By Marieke Koudstaal

Hedendaagse Keramiek (New Ceramics) In Nederland By Piet Augustijn

Klei! / Clay! A Century Of Ceramics At The Gerrit Rietveld Academy





Gallery Kapelhuis Amersfoort 1971/’76/’78/’85/’89, Gallery Facet Amsterdam 1972, Gallery Van Hulsen Leeuwarden 1973, Singer Museum Laren 1974, Gallery De Ark Boxtel 1974, S.B.K. Amsterdam 1974/’83/’90/’92, Gallery Cosa Delft 1975, Museum Flehite Amsersfoort, Gallery Bouma Amsterdam, Singer Museum Laren 1976, G.S.A. Hilversum 1977, Museum Fodor Amsterdam 1978, Museum Princessenhof Leeuwarden 1980/’84/’97, Museum Aemstelle Amstelveen 1982, Slot Zeist 1984, Elleboogkerk Amersfoort 1985, Gallery Eewal Leeuwarden1987/’97, Gallery Detail Groningen 1986, Gallery Blits&co Amsterdam 1987-1989, Gallery Heine Hause Hamburg 1988, Kunsttraject I,Ii&iii Amsterdam 1988/’90/’91, Gallery M Kassel 1989, Gallery Beeldrecht Amsterdam 1992, Kunstbeurs Rai Amsterdam 1993, Museum Tiendschuur Tegelen 1994, Museum Gemeente Weert 1994, Gallery Serieuze Zaken Amsterdam 1995, Art Amsterdam 1995, A.B.N.Amro Amsterdam 1996, Exposition In Contex Groninger Museum 1997, Gallery De Muzeval Emmen 1998, Gallery Carla Koch Amsterdam 1996/2005/2006, Dutch Design Cente Utrecht 2007, Gallery Hans Appenseller Amsterdam 2007, Gorcums Museum Gorichem 2008, Ad Gallery Antwerpen 2009, Meesterlijk Design En Ambacht Eindhoven 2010, Galerie Hooffzaak Amsterdam 2011/’13, Gemeentemuseum Den Haag 2015, Art Amsterdam 2017, Ad Gallery Antwerpen 2018 /2019


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